Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience Foundation

Climate change

Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience Foundation is a newly established Private Voluntary Organisation based in Harare, Zimbabwe. Our focus is to mobilize communities towards sustainable and responsible living subsequently conserving our environment and building hope and opportunities within the communities.


Secure global net zero by mid-century (emission reduction targets).

Improve awareness and understanding of climate change amongst citizens.

Foster enabling conditions for effective and integrated climate change adaptation.

Mainstream climate change adaptation and resilience for systematic impact.

Climate Change mitigation

Community sensitization and mobilization on climate change.

Climate change research groups tracing and assessment of vulnerable communities largely affected by climate change.

Promoting and encouraging climate change education to both rural and urban communities.

protecting the environment

Reduce vulnerability and increase resilience through innovation and technology transfer for climate change adaptation.

Carrying out research campaigns following the National Development Strategy.

Mobilising youths by engaging them in community projects which boosts their welfare.

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