Even after their shortage of good-sized lifetime, dimensional domain names communicate a number of meaningful factual statements about physical, intellectual, and you may religious reality

Even after their shortage of good-sized lifetime, dimensional domain names communicate a number of meaningful factual statements about physical, intellectual, and you may religious reality

Thanks to this, he’s well worth detail by detail analysis and analysis. Listed below are some of all things the actual CoDD investigation from TDVP reveals on the dimensional domain names:

E. Schwartz and you may Yards

During the domain names with step 1 using step three size, ranges was mentioned, and you can phenomena is revealed, regarding integer multiples regarding Correct (quantum equality units) of the CoDD. However they should be measured and you may revealed with respect to integer multiples from fictional quantity in the domain names which have 4 as a consequence of 6 size, along with terms of integer multiples of certain advanced numbers, referred to as nth roots regarding unity, in domain names having eight or even more proportions. That it unitary move from integers to help you fictional number, so you can advanced amounts is actually statistically very important to a regular quantized dysfunction of rotation and you will projection away from geo-centric dimensional domain names with the hyper-dimensional domains. Proof of this is exactly apparently upright-submit making use of the CoDD and application of the Pythagorean Theorem. The brand new Proof, interpreted to your conventional easy analytical minder phone number notation, might have been wrote a number of guides and you can files, many of which is actually listed in one or two blogposts: Recommendations . I call the entire process of rotation and you can expansive projection in one dimensional domain name into the second one to, Dimensional Extrapolation whilst shows how each other understanding and you can actual facts grow.

In 2011, the original CoDD study I did, using Real quantum arithmetic, would be to establish in more detail the mixture away from quarks to create protons, new sub-nuclear organizations you to definitely, in addition to electrons, means all stable building blocks of the sheer aspects of the unexpected table. The thing i receive, try alarming, even though something like it should was asked about second We included understanding on the concept of might difference of your primary calculus during the 1986 to own application within quantum level away from physical truth. One finding are the existence of several situations of Correct tools off non-bodily gimmel at the heart out-of bodily truth, an unignorable indication of awareness – practically the fresh new fingerprints out of Goodness appearing on the most abundant steady target of real universe, the fresh new proton. Pick footnotes indeed Starts with Awareness, Neppe and you may Personal (2011) and you will my part from the AAPS Volume We, earliest release titled Is actually Understanding Top? Modified of the Drs G.

Triadic Rotational Systems of Equality (TRUE) was outlined by mass and volume of this new free electron, tying the latest quantum math of CoDD so you’re able to actual fact, and you can Dimensional Extrapolation was a mathematical techniques analogous toward mindful course, by rotation and you can projection, from an letter-dimensional domain name for the an enthusiastic n+step one dimensional domain name. The look of gimmel in the CoDD Real studies of your mixture of two-up-quarks and another down-quark to create a beneficial proton, and ties the study so you can consciousness, providing a factor towards combination regarding understanding, spirituality, and you will bodily fact.

H. Woollacott (2019)

Dimensional domain names is geometrical models one to originate on the logical construction out-of understanding and just have zero life of their own. A domain name is set of the amount of proportions wanted to identify it, but the level of dimensions additionally the the quantity of these proportions are entirely determined by the brand new domain’s stuff out-of bulk, time, and you will gimmel. Inside the work to explain relativistic effects, physicists and you may science publishers usually explain area otherwise spacetime being warped, curved, otherwise distorted by the size. But there’s zero instance point as curved or distorted area, go out, spacetime, otherwise people hyper-dimensional region. Curvilinear routes off moving things are due to the new shipment out of the occurrence out of substance within a website. This is really what exactly is identified into the progressive physics as a great job.

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