About us

About Us

Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience Foundation


Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience Foundation is a Private Voluntary Organisation wishing to impact the Globe through awareness on Climate Change and its effects to reduce the impact of global warming as well as come up with ways to secure global net zero together with fostering resilience in the urban and rural population within Zimbabwe and the region. It also intends to change people’s lives towards sustainable self-reliance and influencing people not to lose hope by building resilience amongst the population.

Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience Foundation is a newly established Private Voluntary Organisation based in Harare, Zimbabwe. Our focus is to mobilize communities towards sustainable and responsible living subsequently conserving our environment and building hope and opportunities within the communities.

Vision & Values

To be a leading partner on Climate Change that leads and inspires towards sustainable leaving and self-reliance in the region and beyond


To inspire hope and contribute to conversation of the environment through research, mobilizing people, resources and platforms to empower and create opportunities for the youth, people with disabilities, men and women.






Professional Competence and Due Care