What is the main difference between senior and middle PHP developers? Is that difference related directly to skills?

In most cases, this means that the job offer may include responsibilities such as troubleshooting, debugging, or maintenance. That’s because a big part of PHP developer work assumes working with these two. And as a matter of fact, PHP was designed to work with HTML, and such PHP can be embedded into HTML. On the other hand, PHP files can be created even without HTML tags, and that’s called Pure PHP. PHP | Symfony | CompilerPass Interface – Implement an archiving application which chooses the compression algorithm based on the given file.

What should Middle PHP Developer know

This feature is due to the modular component system in Symfony Framework. Yii may have numerous robust features, but PHP Developers can integrate it with extensions to speed the process. Yii provides the required elaborative documentation and starting guide for every PHP Web Developer, making it effortless to set up and function. It has a broad set of libraries with components and functions for improved program association. PHP launched the latest version of this Framework with an interesting caption. Although PHP Developers have the program in C, they don’t require knowledge of the same language.

#9 Technical Writing

One of the biggest problems , is that new methods are added all the time, therefore we must understand security concepts and theory. The Framework part can even be cutted and so the question changed what a Senior Web Developer should know. If somebody is well known with common design patterns he should be able to find its way quickly into any Framework.

  • Instead, you can outsource PHP Developer Jobs to another company and save the hiring and training period.
  • I can also heartily recommend Clean Code by Robert Martin .
  • The purpose of the scripts is usually to enhance the performance or perform routine tasks for an application.
  • You should have a fair amount of the knowledge of HTML and CSS and all it’s properties.
  • The assessment will be customized to the experience level and candidate persona you are looking for.
  • After all, CocoaTouch is riddled with different ways to handle callbacks, with Delegates and Blocks being the two most popular.

Rereading the above books, watching the videos, and all together, trying to continue to learn. Granted, one person’s senior is another person’s junior. If you end up being the smartest person where you work, move on to another job. AppsRhino https://xcritical.com/ is proud of its highly skilled team of Developers and Engineers. You can connect with and hire PHP Developers effortlessly per agreeable terms. Hiring is a lengthy procedure and may take weeks before you can start your project.

Why React is a Great Option for CRM Projects

Finally, Growing Object-Oriented Software is a wonderful book that walks you through how to write test driven software. Going over the steps and actually following the progress of a “real” application being written, and the decisions made along the way. Frameworks in PHP provides the structure of web applications. They are advantageous for streamlining the process of the development of web applications. It promotes Rapid Application Development, which in turn promotes reduced time, development of more stable applications and reduces the repetitive coding for the developers.

What should Middle PHP Developer know

If you can’t see how the ideas are portable, you’re already losing the fight. The language is just there to illustrate the concepts. Many of the best books on programming will use languages which aren’t php.

How much HTML and CSS should a PHP developer know?

They are graded completely automatically and can be taken from anywhere in the world. At the same time, the candidate has access to all of the resources that they would normally use including libraries, frameworks, StackOverflow, and even Google. In regards to usage, PHP and JavaScript are quite similar – as they traditionally have shared the web-stack space for decades. A lot of the basic syntax between PHP and JS are near-identical and have similar interpretations. This is especially true of loops, conditionals, functions, and array manipulation.

They can speed up development by offering repeatable solutions to common problems. They also help improve code readability as other developers will recognize the patterns being used. Some of the most common design patterns in PHP applications include Factory, Strategy, and Singleton, but there are plenty of others to get to grips with. More generally, save yourself some time by swotting up on the best practices when working with different PHP frameworks.

Don’t load your plate with too much to eat at once. Start with plain PHP+HTML, and do your CSS by hand. Then, when you’re happy, mix in a little javascript. Getting to know a language means getting up-close-and-personal.

A Recruiter’s Guide To Screening PHP Developers

Again, they’re there to help you GetThingsDone which only works when you know what you’re doing in the first place. Start with the basics, otherwise you’ll be learning the framework and not PHP. Only the stupid will vote me down for saying this; They are the people who are ideological fanatics and they will never grow past a certain level of skill and understanding. Something else you can do to learn, that won’t cost you a thing, is reading other peoples code.

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It’s used by major sites such as Wikipedia and Facebook as well as in some of the world’s biggest open-source projects like WordPress and Drupal. The thing I really like about this book is it covers much more than just a list of the security-related functions in PHP. A large part of it covers general web security concepts and protection mechanisms. Anytime a user signs on, I re-hash their provided password, test it against the hash stored in the database and approve if they match. You can be a whizz with PHP code, but if you don’t know how to communicate with others you may struggle to work effectively on a team project.


Knowledge about how they work Dependency Injection, know about how to create a Module/Extension/Bundle/.. Working without them and create a clean architecture. Go to PHP.net and read through all of the documentation. When you are done, you won’t know everything you need to know about php, but you will know where to look. Understand business logic requirement and think the cons/pro.Hoping for SA to think all for you is not good programmer. Or use PEAR’s MDB2 for portability across database severs.

What should Middle PHP Developer know

I’d image in PHP you’ll find yourself returning HTML markup and so you’ll need to know enough about both to return clean semantic markup with appropriate CSS classes. PHP | WordPress | Metadata Plugin with Administration Panel – Implement a WordPress plugin that will add metadata tags. Tests are evaluated automatically and instantly, producing a report that non-technical recruiters can understand. All PHP 5.X versions operate very similarly to one another with only minor differences. Just like job descriptions are candidates’ first point of contact with you, their resume is going to be one of your first points of contact with them. He extended them to work with web forms and to communicate with databases, and called this implementation “Personal Home Page/Forms Interpreter” or PHP/FI.

3 Questions about the candidate’s knowledge and opinions

One important think you need to understand is that PHP gets a lot of hate from the non-PHP community for very valid technical reasons. As a mobile app development company, We aim at providing highly customized on-demand mobile apps and business middle PHP developer job apps to help companies achieve their real potential. PHP is a scripting programming language for client-side Development. In addition to PHP, the ideal candidate might need to have knowledge of Ajax, jQuery, MySQL, JavaScript, CSS and HTML.

One major difference is that SOAP uses XML while REST supports text, XML, JSON and other formats. There are 5.5M PHP developers in the world, according to SlashData’s 2018 survey. PHP is not updated very frequently, but if your candidate worked on PHP 10 years ago, they might not be the best candidate for the role. PHP was first created in 1994, so it has been around for more than 25 years now.


PHP developers need to know how exchange good HTTP messages not the specification. Boy, I have seen plenty „seniors“ that mock the whole framework rather than rethinking their units/modules. I know many of these elements but I still have a lot to learn. Knowledge about Testing Unit/Functional, knowledge about the advantages and disadvantages of Mocks, maybe even how Mockfree tests can be created. Knowledge about Static Code Analyzer Tools (PHPStan, PHPCSFixer, Psalm, Rector, …) . Working with a one of the common Frameworks (Symfony, Laravel, Laminas, Spiral, …) and ORMs .

Although most developers are self-taught, becoming PHP certified can be beneficial for a developer’s career as it formalizes their knowledge of the language. PHP is often used for programming automation, web applications, server-side applications, software-as-a-service applications, and many others. Because of PHPs ubiquitous nature, it’s not difficult to find developers claiming PHP skills.

#7 Analytical Skills

Like Python, PHP is another programming language developed by a single developer as a side project during the ’90s. The longevity of this script means a fair amount of time has passed for software engineers to work on their PHP developer skills. Finally, it’s important to be adaptable and willing to learn. Like all programming languages, PHP continues to evolve, and organizations are most likely to hire developers that are on top of the latest language and application updates.

Another PHP advanced topic is OOP, also known as object-oriented programming. It is used to create objects that have both objects and data. OOP allows creating reusable applications with less code and requires shorter development time. The main aim of object-orient programming is to bind data and functions into containers called objects. The process of binding data and function is called encapsulation. The Class defines how data and functionality are bonded together.

A PHP Web Developer creates websites using numerous Front-end languages and saves them using the extension “.php.” Here are some tasks PHP Developers can perform with this language. On the other hand, a session is stored information in variables on the server. It is also considered a global variable stored on the server.

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